Principles of Success

Below is a great quote taken from a great book titled ‘Managing a Construction Firm on just 24 hours a day’ by Matt Steven

“Construction is one of the few industries where the big don’t eat the small; the FAST eat the SLOW”

We point this out, because time is the most critical element in the construction business.  If we don’t move quickly our competition will beat us every single time.  We know our clients are under a lot of pressure to meet deadlines, we will make your time our priority.

Stroud Interiors Principles for Success

Stroud Interiors Success is a result of Wayne’s leadership and strong focus on the founding principles that Radie (his father) instilled in him:

  1. Effective utilization of time (ET)
  2. Minimize Cost (MC)
  3. Maximize Quality (MQ)
  4. Treat clients with respect (CR)*

Formula for Success


*We believe that the word “client” includes internal and external people, meaning every person that’s involved in the business transaction.  That means from the top (owners and GC’s), down to the labor in the field thats pickin up the trash off the floor are all our clients.