The History

Stroud Interiors was founded in 1988 by Wayne Stroud.  Wayne started in the construction industry out of high school.  His father Radie Stroud was a leader in the construction industry.

RW Doors (the inspiration)

Radie owned a door company called RW Doors. RW Doors had a client list that included people like Melvin Powers and Alison Walker.  Radie was a legend in his day and instilled in his son, Wayne, the motto “that you need to be faster than the guy next to you.”  Radie was known for throwing a door on his back while smoking his pipe and running up the stairs.  Radie knew that time was money and quality must be a top priority.  Radie also understood that if you provide quality in a timley and cost effective manner that his clients would be a client for life.

Wayne Stroud

After high school, Wayne worked in many construction trades while going to trade school and learning his way in the industry.  He started out working with concrete crews, but it didn’t take long before he found his nitch.  Interior Construction became his focul point, however Wayne eventually learned how to be pofitable doing Interior Build-outs, and in 1988 he started his own company just like his Dad did.